Stay in control !

✓ Know your business numbers at any time

✓ Get your life back with our automated BAS/GST calculator

✓With brotherpos you’re in control 24/7

✓Save valuable hours on admin 

✓More time to build your business 

✓More time with your family 

✓More time for leisure 

✓HDS Integration (if applicable) 

brotherpos: ready to grow with you.

Network Ready

brotherpos supports a networked environment with no dedicated server required. The primary workstation is able to be both a server and a workstation. 

Windows® Workstation

The core of the brotherpos system is the brotherpos Windows® Workstation with full support for cash drawers, barcode scanners and local printing. Talk to us about a demo of the brotherpos Windows Counter Workstation

COMING SOON - Staff Ordering

brotherpos Staff Ordering uses HTML5 to deliver mobile ordering using any smartphone. (Android®, iPhone® or Windows®) for taking orders. 

Kitchen Display

brotherpos Kitchen Display lets your kitchen staff manage and keep track of the orders to be processed.

COMING SOON - Table Ordering    

No more paper orders, give your customers a tablet to place their orders

COMING SOON - Customer Ordering

Enable your customers to order using their smartphone or tablet. In store or from home or work. You decide.


brotherpos will not work without a Brother Printer (all prices incluse GST where applicable)
* monthly payments are indicative only for a 36 month term and are subject to credit approval

* Base Licence (includes installation and training) - FROM AUD$5,500  

* Base Licence includes the brotherpos Data Server Software, Workstation and Kitchen Display modules

* Monthly Licence Fee (including telephone support) - FROM AUD$330 per month

* Module upgrades (price on application)



Please contact us for a quotation regarding installation and training.


brotherpos is available through monthly payments (subject to credit approval)


Updates are provided when they're available for the term of your leasing contract orwhile your account is up to date.


Many of the brotherpos functions are user definable.


GST/BAS automated worksheet generation.
Record expenses and any non-pos sales.
Generate a BAS worksheet ready for your bookkeeper or accountant!
Product categories (define as many product categories as desired)
Touch screen friendly (touch screen or traditional mouse and keyboard)
Buttons (set your own button labels and colours)
Menus (define as many menus as required.


Barcode scanning (supports USB barcode scanning)
Barcodes (define and print your own barcode labels)
Sales codes up to 100,000 items.(Define your own sales codes or use your suppliers’ codes)
Departments (as many sales departments as you need)
Multiple printers (use as many Brother printers as required)
Multiple paper sizes. Mix and match.
Issue receipts on one Brother printer and delivery or production dockets on another.


For those customers with HDS we can provide an integrated solution


brotherpos Point of Sale is designed to work with Microsoft Windows® 8.1 and Microsoft Windows® 10.
brotherpos will only work if there is a valid Brother International printer installed.

If you're unsure about what you'll need call us today. 

Recommended and Supported Devices

Supported Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows® 8.1
Microsoft Windows® 10

Cash Drawer

Posiflex 4105 USB Cash Drawer


Any Brother International printer purchased in Australia.

Standard Edition

Windows® PC with 64bit Windows®
Min 4gb ram
Gigabit network card
Min 128gb disk drive

HDS Edition

Talk to us about integration to HDS (for aged care)

brotherpos Data Server Software

brotherpos Professional Edition uses the Clarion IP Server as its Data Server component. The brotherpos Data Server may be installed on a workstation or a dedicated server.










Subject to credit approval, we're able to offer you monthly payment options on our software, computer equipment and printers. Talk to us or your reseller today about your options.


Preserve your liquidity and capital. No need to use this precious resource on IT Software and Equipment.


Up to 100% financing of our software is available. The investment in brotherPOS becomes just another operating expense not a capital outlay.
Your productivity gains and returns will flow through to your bottom line sooner!


IT equipment such as Brother printers, servers and workstations all become and operating expense.
It's also finance your mobile phones and security systems.


Have someone who looks after your IT?
No problem. We'll let them know what equipment you need and put them in touch with our financier for you!


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tel. 07 3151 2129


  • Windows : What versions of Microsoft Windows do you support?

    Tablet : Windows 8.1 or greater

    Server : Windows 2012R2 or greater 

    Talk to us if you're unsure.

    Windows 10

    Note that if you're using Windows 10 that we recommed that you install the Professional or Enterprise editions.

    brotherpos will NOT work with Windows S


    What phones can access the brotherpos Staff Ordering?

    Any smartphone (or Tablet) that has an internet connection and a browser. We've tested brotherpos Staff Ordering using Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. 

  • PRINTERS: What printers do I need?

    brotherpos is designed to work with Brother printers.

    brotherpos will NOT work with any other manufacturer's printer

  • CLOUD: Is there an brotherpos version for the cloud?

    Talk to us if you need a hosted/cloud solution.

  • Cashdrawer: I have a cash drawer already. Can I use this?

    No. We only support the cash drawer listed. 

  • Printers

    I already have a receipt printer why can't I use that?

    If the printer is a printer manufactured by Brother International you can use it.

    No other brand of printer is supported. 

  • Installation: Can I install brotherpos myself?

    Yes. However, telephone and remote support are charged to you.

    You will get a faster return on your investment by engaging a brotherpos approved technician to install your system.

  • Older Windows

    I have Windows 2000, XP and Windows 7 computers, can I use them?

    No. Microsoft don't support those operating systems and neither do we.

  • Apple

    I have an Apple Mac, can I use that?

    No. Other than the Staff Ordering brotherpos requires a Windows computer. (Windows 8.1 or later)